spirit and soul

spirit and soul

My name is Oriya and I’m from Israel. I’m a natural holistic healer, and a spiritual teacher.
I will try ,very modestly, to explain the energetic change we are going through now in the world, to remind you that everything you see now – it’s all for the soul, not for anything else

There is a change in the spiritual world and that is why people feel panic and confusion, to get through this time we must help the soul to be connected to itself, to its source.
We are in a time of significant healing, a point of change, an axis, undergoing an energetic change – from male energy to female energy.
Everything that happens now happens for the soul – the remembrance that we have a spirit and soul.

God can not speak to us directly, we are afraid of it, but now God is close to us and we are not used to seeing God so close and do not know what to do with it.
We have been taught to fear God and therefore we run away from it as our soul recognizes God’s energy in the physical world, until God subdues us and fills us with love.

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Trust your soul we are changing
God is close to us now
Hold your soul and light
The light enters the body
Free choice yes or no
we are in healing process
How to Heal in this time